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General Questions

  • Cavan Partners
  • How much do I earn
  • What does 'exclusive' mean


  • What are the requirements
  • Do I need releases
  • Do we accept motion


  • When do I get paid?

General Questions

Do you work with International Photographers?

Yes! We welcome photographers from across the globe. Currently there are over 80 countries represented by Cavan's roster. 

What is the pricing at Cavan and your partner agencies?

Cavan has three collections and the published pirces are below.

Keep in mind, with partners all over the world prices can range from $0.10 - $5000 - The video link here & below explains things in detail.

The Cavan Collection is $499

Cavan Social is $249

Cavan Standard/Subscription $10

Exclusive Buy-Outs are available to buyers at all price points.

We made a good video explaining the pricing at Cavan and our partners - Check it out.

I missed the last Cavan Newsletter - What's the link

How much do I earn?

New contributors are paid 40% of the net revenue earned from any sales of their work.

Who's Cavan partnered with?

We've gone to great lengths to carefully select and negotiate with the best image partners around the world. We're proud to be featured in the premium collections at Adobe, Offset, Getty, Dissolve, Pond5, Nimia, Plainpicture, Amana, Gaopin, Imagine China, and Alamy. We regularly evaluate our partner's ability to add value to our community, therefore the list is subject to change.

What about content for Editorial use?

We do accept content for editorial uses, without a model release. That includes travel and educational imagery that describes a particular place. Video content containing brands or unreleased people is accepted as Editorial content.

Does my content need to be "Exclusive" to Cavan

Yes, we're Content Exclusive, not Artist Exclusive, which means you're free to work with other agencies, but the content you have with Cavan needs to be exclusive to us for the term of the agreement. Additionally, Similar Content, even if not selected, may not be shared with other agencies.

We're content exclusive because we sell direct and distribute content to all of the best agency partners for you.


When do I need releases?

Legally speaking, Model Releases are required for all images that contain "recognizable" people. Practically speaking, lots of clients won't touch an image with a person in it, recognizable or not, unless it's released. Your goal should be to have a release for any image with a person in it.

Property Releases are needed for all images that contain recognizable private property. Interiors of spaces that are largely generic or unrecognizable are ok without a property release. Private properties in the distance or properties that are not singled out in the composition are ok un-released. For ex; Images of a suburban block that include multiple dwellings are ok without. Images of a family in front of a single suburban home will require a release.

Artwork, Tattoos and Graffiti require Property Releases or need to be removed or manipulated before submitting final imagery. Tattoos  and Graffiti can be a pain (and not just when you have one piece to deal with) they require permission from the artist and multiple tattoos on one person or multiple Graffiti pieces on one wall could require multiple releases. You do have the option to retouch them out or change them substantially during post. For artwork, in any setting, including family photos, kid's artwork, professional artwork etc. require a release from the creator of the work - or retouch it out.

What are your technical requirements for Stills?

File size must be a minimum of 3500px on the short side but DO NOT shrink larger files to meet this sizing - We want the largest native file size possible. Images should be saved as level 12 jpgs, 8bit, Adobe RGB(1998) color space.

Here are some mistakes to avoid - Lack of critical focus, over-sharpening (best to not sharpen at all really). Clean your sensor - no dust please, no digital artifacts, color banding, color blocking and excessive noise. Really grainy stuff will be rejected.

You accept motion clips right?

We sure do, motion is becoming a major focus for us! We are expanding our collection quickly to satisfy the growing demand for motion content. If you have video content or are interested in producing some, send it over, our clients are interested.

What are your technical requirements for Motion?

Filmmaker's should deliver final clips with simple, good-looking color correction. This would mostly be contrast and basic color. Clients usually want to add their own 'look'. No logos may be visible.


Our preferred file format is QuickTime .mov, but we also accept .mp4 and .mpg.
Clip lengths around 5-60 seconds
If shooting RAW/uncompressed footage you should deliver .mov files with prores(4444) codec.
Otherwise, we support unmodified camera-native codecs, Apple ProRes, DNxHD, DV100, H.264, MPEG2, Photo- Jpeg, and XDCAM.
We'd like the highest native resolution you have, 4K and up are best - Our minimum is HD 1080p (1920x1080)
Frame rates
Supported frame rates are 23.976, 25, 29.97, 60.

Can I submit mobile imagery?

Yep, we accept iPhone 6s and up. If need be, please res-it-up to meet our minimum file standards of 3500px on the short side. Mobile imagery must meet the same technical standards as the rest of our content so only submit technically viable content. Equivalent Android or Google based mobile imagery will be considered as well.

What's Similar content?

Similar Content is legally defined as content "industry experts" would say looks similar. What the heck does that mean?... We know, it's a little vague... Here's how we see it - If it's the same shoot, same model, in the same clothes - it's probably similar. If it's the same subject matter but the composition is different, it's probably still considered similar. If it's the same day, same model, different clothes, in a new location, you're probably good to go. Basically, use your best judgment and mix it up if you want lots of unique content. Reach out to us anytime if you are unsure about a specific case.


I made a sale! When do I get paid?

On your Photographer Dashboard you'll see Paid Sales and Pending Sales as they happen. You'll receive payment on all the Paid Sales on the 25th (or nearest business day) of the following month. Pending Sales move to the Paid Sales section as soon as they are collected from the buyer and are paid to you on the nearest 25th. 

(The shorthand version is: by the end of the current month, prior month’s sales are posted and those will be paid out in the next month.)

How are payments made?

In the U.S. we pay via direct deposit and PayPal. 

Internationally we pay via PayPal.

We are currently testing a solution with Payoneer for all payments as well. If you are interested in this form of payment please contact us for more information.