Commercial & Editorial Content - What's the Difference?

Commercially Viable Content Is Super Important

Released, commercially viable content, is worth about 800% more than "editorial content". Commercially viable content is the No.1 most important factor for creating value in your stock portfolio. Always get releases and avoid un-release people, property and intellectual property.

IP (Intellectual Property)
IP consists of things like, logos, branding, trademarks, license plates, boat names & numbers, publications and printed works, sheet music, books, original artwork, including graffiti, painted art on walls, etc.

Getty made a pretty good IP Wiki that contains a lot of surprising IP issues photographers should know about.

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is fine to shoot in the day, but at night the light show is copyrighted and can’t be used commercially? How about the green color on John Deere farm equipment? Nope, trademarked, can’t be used without the color being shifted in post production. These and lot’s more should be learned from the Getty Wiki

Editorial Content
Any content that has unreleased people, private property, or IP in it, needs to be marked “Editorial Only” during the submission process. Keep in mind, editorial content will be worth much less to you, so it is worth the time to retouch things out and get releases.

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