Model and Property Releases

Legally speaking, Model Releases are required for all images that contain "recognizable" people. 

Practically speaking, lots of clients won't touch an image with a person in it, recognizable or not, unless it's released. Your goal should be to have releases for any people in your shot.

Property Releases are needed for all images that contain recognizable private property. Generic, unrecognizable interiors are fine without a property release. Private properties in the distance or properties that are not singled out in the composition are ok un-released. For ex; Images of a suburban block that include multiple dwellings are ok without. Images of a family in front of a single house would require model releases and a property release.

All artwork, AI generative works, tattoos and graffiti require Property Releases or need to be removed before submitting final imagery.

For additional information on unique requirements for AI generative works check out our guidelines here.

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