Model and Property Releases

Commercially Viable Content Is Important

Released, commercially viable content, is worth about 800% more than "editorial content". Commercially viable content is the No.1 most important factor for creating value in your stock portfolio. Always get releases and avoid un-release people, property and intellectual property.

Model Releases Legally Speaking
Model Releases are required for all images that contain "recognizable" people. This means if a person in the shot can say "hey, that's me!" then you legally need a release. Keep in mind, tattoos make a person identifiable. Even a shot of a small part of a person with a tattoo, needs a release.

Model Releases Practically Speaking
Lots of clients won't touch an image with a person in it, recognizable or not, unless it's released. Your goal should be to always have releases for any and all people in your shot.

Property Releases
Property Releases are needed for all images that contain recognizable private property. Generic, unrecognizable interiors and exteriors are fine without a property release. Private properties among many, that are not singled out in the composition, are ok un-released. For example, images of a neighborhood block that include many houses are ok without a release. Images featuring a particular house would require a property release. All artwork in a shot, including sculptures, painted walls and graffiti, require Property Releases, or need to be removed before submitting final imagery.

AI Content

Any AI content based on real people or a real private property, needs an appropriate release. Read more about AI Content in our guidelines here

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