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Large portfolios are important, as long as they're diverse and unique
Having too much similar content is harmful to your success. Quality over quantity can be the difference between a client following your portfolio and buying your content, or passing it by. 

Think about your edit as you're shooting. 
Look for 3-4 solid variations while shooting each particular situation. You might try ten variations to arrive 3-4 good finals and that's fine. Once you feel you’ve nailed a few good versions, move on to the next situation. Your final submission should contain only the best shots that offer a unique value, not everything that you tried. 

Let's use a yoga shoot as an example. 
Think of the person on the yoga mat as a single situation. Find the best 3-4 versions of this one concept - Do not illustrate a book about every possible yoga pose. Only submit a few of the best poses to tell that part of your story, then expand your story from there. How does the person get ready for the class? Who did they come with - Mother and daughter, best friends? (There’s an opportunity for diversity here) What does the person do after yoga? Do they get a smoothie, or green juice? Do they go home to see their family? Do they feel at peace while at work? Show a complete and valuable narrative about yoga. Go well beyond the yoga poses. 

Think of your shoots (and your portfolio) like a picture book telling a story. 
You want diverse and interesting scenes and situations as chapters. You don’t not buyers to turn page after page of the same repetitive stuff, that would make for a super boring picture book. 

Other Things to Avoid: 
Too many frames of the same situation
For AI content - Do not submit lots of similar iterations of the same concept
Similar crops of the same scene - Including repetitive drone footage
Different color treatments, or exposures of the same frame - For example, do not submit the same frame in color and B&W
Portraits of a person with lots of expression variations - Edit down to the best frames.

Do know that repeated abuse of our spam policy can get your account closed, so do keep your edits looking good. Think about your edit while you’re shooting and push yourself to find new and valuable situations - Your portfolio will be more diverse, and much more valuable to you.

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