AI Generative Content Guidelines


Cavan accepts AI-generated content, as long as you are opted-in to micro collections, it meets our quality, legal, and technical standards.

Opting into Micro for AI - If you are opted out of micro and you'd like us to otp you into micro so you can submit AI please email us at

By submitting AI-generated content you warrant you have the rights to resell and license the content for commercial purposes. It's your responsibility to review the terms of generative AI tools you use, to confirm this is true before you submit any AI-generated content.

Upload all Generative AI content and check the "Created with Generative AI tools" box before submitting your curated assets from each project.


  1. Click the Created with Generative AI tools checkbox prior to submitting your content. (It's at the end of the submission)
  2. You must be opted into micro to submit AI content.
  3. Keywords should include Generative AI, AI, 
  4. Include the main subject of your prompt in your title.
  5. Create work that fills content needs within the collection. Carefully select only images which provide unique value to the collection.
  6. Prioritize creativity and maintain high quality.
  7. Check your submissions carefully to make sure the rendering of anatomy and other aspects is intended and relevant.

Things Not to Do

  • Don't submit works depicting identifiable property, people, or branding (e.g., Known buildings, characters or logos), or notable people, photorealistic or otherwise.
  • Don't submit works with badly rendered parts, like hands, teeth, weird proportions, and other common AI mistakes.
  • Don't use an image you don't have the rights to as a parameter for your generative AI prompts.
  • Don't iterate or generate from other people's AI works. Start from your own unique prompts.
  • Don't tag generated images with inaccurate or vague descriptors such as "3D render", "wallpaper", or "neural network" unless accurate to the content subject or style.
  • Don't describe or depict subjects or locations in ways that may mislead buyers.
  • Don't describe AI-generated content as depicting real people or places.
  • Don't keep repetitive, technical parameters such as platform-specific features, weights, or settings from your prompt in your asset title.
  • Don't spam the submission with multiple variations of the same prompt. Submit no more than 10-12 variations of a particular output. AI outputs are infinite. Part of the art of using AI is curating the results.

Model & Property Release Requirements for Generative AI Content Depicting People

Any content created with generative AI tools that depicts, is based on, or is intended to portray an identifiable person requires a model release. For example, if you upload a photo of a real person as a prompt, name a specific individual in the prompt, or include prompt keywords intended to instruct the generative AI tool to draw a real person.

If the generative AI content was not based on a real person, but it visually appears to resemble a person, then you must submit a property release confirming that you have all property rights in the content.

You may submit the same release for content created for the same project or within the same series, which includes works with the same model or similar themes created on or about the same date.

Generative AI content cannot be submitted as Editorial Content which is for editorial use only

  • Do Upload property releases for illustrations depicting generated people. Learn more about property releases.
  • Don't Submit works based on real people unless you have a valid model release for that person. Learn more about model releases.
  • Don't: Submit work created with prompts referring to people, places, or property unless you have the legal right to do so (e.g., via a model or property release). For example, don't include other artists' names, notable people, or famous characters/brands in your prompts.

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