Project: 01

An Alabama-based steel company needed to capture their operation in all of its glory. From the bones of the factory to the hearts of the people, we created a BrandCamp that resulted in the most versatile photo library on this side of the mason-dixon.

Project: 02

It's not that we have anything against fitness models, it's just that we have a hard time relating to them (and their 6-packs). Weight Watchers shared in our pain and came to us for a solution. After briefing a handful of Cavan photographers, Weight Watchers was delivered a unique array of images that could genuinely resonate with their health-conscious audience.

Project: 03

We've been sending Lexdray's new camera bag on a journey, not with one photographer, but with our international community of creators. Each photographer uses the bag during an adventure and passes it on to the next photographer, and around the world it goes, building a collection of beautiful stories for Lexdray.

Project: 04

When work turns into just another four letter word, you might likely find yourself on, a helpful job search tool providing candid insight into companies around the world. From building innovative products and services to delivering groundbreaking research, Glassdoor is transforming an entire industry through the power of transparency. Cavan\'s BrandCamp worked in tandem with Glassdoor to create images that were unique to their brand and relatable to their audience.