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Brandcamp Projects

Use Case

Citi Bike came to Cavan during their critical rebrand. They needed on-message creative content to sell Citi Bike's story.

The Brief

NYC residents who'd rather stay above ground riding to their weekend brunch meetup, the farmer's market or pickup basketball game.

They are meeting friends for a picnic in the park or even taking a night-time ride against the water.

These New Yorkers might not have room for a bike in their apartment, but they've been invited out for a ride with a friend who has their own bike.

Citi Bike levels the playing field. The city sort of opens up to you when you can pick up a bike at one location and drop it off somewhere else.

Citi bike needed content for a critical rebrand

The Results

An ongoing content series that positions Citibike as New York's premier bike-sharing service through photos that embody the Citibike experience.

03Monthly Photoshoots
04Day Turnaround
400Photos Delivered
10Final Selects

Use Case

When Beck's launched its Sapphire brand, they were struggling to find on-brand and product-inclusive imagery for their social channels

The Brief

Images that speak to luxury, are inspirational and include Sapphire product/branding.

Images that feel own-able to the Beck's Sapphire brand guidelines.

Lifestyle images and candid shots that capture a moment and tell a story.

Images that have a luxurious urban feel that the Sapphire audience can both aspire to and connect with.

The Results

The Cavan team organized multiple photoshoots and delivered a set of campaign-ready photos - fully retouched and ready to go, in under three days.

03Day Turnaround
500Photos Delivered
12Final Selects

Use Case

Local salsa brand, Tenayo, was looking for video content that appealed to their audience. Cavan created social media videos of Tenayo salsa being used in fun and easy recipes.

The Brief

Did you know salsa goes with just about anything? There are few things you can't eat with salsa and we have flavors that go perfectly with all kinds of dishes. Salsa - the ultimate social food.

The Results

30-60 second videos on salsa how-to for 1 month long social media campaign #keepithot

03Video Shoots
01Digital Production
02Day Turnaround
03Final Videos