jose gegundez

ID : 250602
Jose Gegundez is a commercial and editorial photographer established in Madrid. He works regularly on a freelance basis for Press Agencies. He started working in 1997 as professional photographer, but has taken a keen interest in photography since he was a small child specially after seeing the movie “Under the fire”, a photographers’ movie in a warlike conflicts. Ever since, he had always dreamt of being a photographer. In his beginning stages, he has cooperated as a freelance for International Press Agencies. He has also started collaborating with the Interviu magazine in features articles. Has published his work in Spanish media, El Pais newspaper, Hello, Interviu, Foreign Policy, 40 principales, Rolling Stone, Intouch Magazine, Vanity Fair, The Traveler (El Pais newspaper), in corporate magazines, etc. and in international media as Paris Match, Point de Vue, Rob Report, Hello, Roayute, Gotha, Tribune Company, And!, M.I.G., World Affaris Pictural, AOL, Herald Tribune, People, Glamour Magazine, Mirror, Mail, The Times, etc. Not only does he works in publicity, but also he has a royalty free photo stock and has photographed for private companies such as Dikei Abogados, Uve-Escribano,Trakteplan, Eurocovi, Stud Abrash-Krush, Reportmag, Productions El Brujo, with Asuncion Balaguer’s photography, for her last production,etc. Air Mauritius, with photos of the airplanes and of Mauritius Island, Avia Reps, MTPA Mauritius Tourism, New York City Turism Office in Madrid, Orange France for their corporate magazine with executives’ portraits through the Andia Agency, etc. Starting 2006, he has offered digital photography seminars (digital workflow) to professional and amateurs photographers. In 2007 he received an Apple Pro Cerficate for the application Aperture 1.5 and has become “Trainer of Trainees”, giving self-designed courses and workshops in Apple (Universo Mac) Centers, in companies such as Natural Telecom, the German Sanchez Ruiperez Foundation, or professionals photographer such as Isabel Muñoz, Cesar Lucas, Lucas Abreu, Claudio Alvarez, Guillermo Navarro, Macarena Duo, Eve Peñuela, Chema Vegas, Maria Rodrigo, Alvaro Leyva, etc. In 2009 he make new workshops with Arkofoto, Grupo Aldana, Fotopro, Arpi, Martin – Iglesias, Fotocasion.