Sarah Frankie Linder

ID : 159115
Austin, TX
In the space between today’s design-fueled culture and serendipitous humor, you’ll find photographer Sarah Frankie Linder behind the lens. Sarah has a knack for photography’s new standard — fusing movement, space, charm and all the key ingredients into one. You could describe her photos as a “reality show for the modern age”, where form becomes jealous of function, and the finale is an unfiltered smile. Sarah has a diverse background in television, theater and graphic design. As a child, she kept influential works like Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams” on repeat, and “The Far Side” cartoons and photography books in the rotation. With a start in the corporate world at Fox Sports Net in Los Angeles, she went on to assist in launching the Big Ten Network in Chicago, where she transitioned into motion graphics and design. With commercial art in her back pocket, she returned to school at Harrington College of Design to study photography and interned with renowned Chicago photographer Saverio Truglia. Ready for a new adventure in a warmer climate, she landed in Austin, Texas to set up shop as a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer. Sarah’s eye for detail and aim to bring out a playfulness in unconventional spaces made her a natural fit for capturing the city’s growing scene of characters, entrepreneurs and businesses.