Peter Lobozzo

ID : 341830
Jackson Hole, WY
Born, bred, and schooled in Maine, I was very much shaped by those icy winters, the New England tenacity, and that coastal charm. Jackson, Wyoming became my destination post-college, beckoning with higher altitudes (deeper powder) and clearer rivers (trout fishing). What's kept me in Jackson has been the space--vast expanses of nature in which to move and be moved. The landscape here has got a hold on me. Over time, I found myself increasingly documenting my life in the out of doors. I wanted to committ the moments to memory. I wanted to create nostalgia through pictures. What began as taking pictures soon evolved into creating images, and here I am...a professional photographer. I would qualify myself as an adventure/lifestyle photographer, although more and more I have been enjoying portrait photography (breathtaking landscape backdrop preferred). Candid moments, vivid colors, and clean lines make my creative juices flow. Currently I am honing my craft, defining my style, and trying to shoot as much as possible. Please feel free to contact me for creative collaborations or to plan an adventure.