Shannon O'Malley | Shannon Kathleen Photography

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St. Paul, MN
Hello! I am Shannon, a single mother to the sweetest and most wonderful 14 year old boy. I grew up in and we currently reside in the northern suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota. By day I work full time as a Certified Medical Assistant in a Dermatology clinic. By nights and weekends I am a self-taught artist and photographer who is bound to craft of photography by feel... I’m super deeply and emotionally connected to each photo I take. This art is my passion and my creative outlet. I’m also a huge advocate of self-portraits ;) A few tid-bits about me outside of my passion for photography: (1) I have an obsession with super hero movies!! My son and I go see all the super hero movies the day they come out! I find them super exciting and the men in them aren’t bad either ;) (2) i love to read! I will read any way I can whether it be an actual book or by listening to audio books. My current read is "November 9" by Colleen Hoover ... it's a beautiful love story with lots of twists and angst ;) Once I am done with that I will either move onto another Brene Brown book, or a dystopian future type book (just finished “The Testing” series), or a good crime novel ;) I’ve been known to read a few books at a time and have read 18 books in the last 4-5 months! (3) My parents and I are homeschooling my 14 year old son (8th grade). I am teaching him photography and he is the most eager little student and is completely excelling!