Atara Bernstein

ID : 153662
Washington, DC
Atara is a food creative. She grew up enchanted by food, and its role in creating community. After studying photography & design from The Fashion Institute of Technology, she got her second degree in environment & education. She worked for years as a food educator, teaching children across the country to love real food, impressing the importance of making responsible food decisions. Blending her food and art background, Atara uses her unique perspective and skill set to set up small food businesses for success. She shares her visually compelling food journey on her new blog, The Fennel Frond, on Instagram, and through her new gathering series called The Wandering, in hopes that in will inspire others to bring their loved ones together around the table and create experiences that they'll never forget. Atara is open to partnerships across all platforms. She is also available for hire for photography, video, recipe development, and marketing consulting services. EMAIL: