James Adam Taylor

ID : 263100
Arcata, California
Growing up in Southern NJ, I was exposed to photography at an early age. As a child I spent time with my maternal Grandfather who took great joy in sharing slides from his journeys across the globe. His National Geographic collection expanded back through to the early 20th century and he was happy to share the pages with me. At home my parents always encouraged my curiosity into the arts and sciences. Through my early teens I dreamt of exploring the world as a scientist, though became interested in the arts eventually deciding to study photography and printmaking at Rowan University. Since Graduating in the mid 2000's I have worked to combine my interests in the arts and sciences through the medium of photography. I have gained perspective and insight since, as a thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail, a night club photographer, construction worker, twice as an Americorps volunteer in remote portions of the Pacific North West, as an apprentice in the office of documentary photographer Jon Lowenstein in Chicago, and as a sales associate in a camera shop in Portland, OR. Through travel and seasonal positions throughout the country I have learned to view the world as a stranger who feels completely at home wherever I may be. These seasons in motion have given me the ability to experience new places with the expectations of a local while having the excitement of a visitor in an old haunt. Both of which have proven to be handy perspectives as a photographer. My personal projects focus on documenting Public Lands and natural history. Work from these projects has been included in publications as well as in group and solo exhibitions. I enjoy working collaboratively with creatives such as visual artists and musicians as well. I'm available for assignment work, though spend a fair bit of time working in my remote portion of Northern California with small business and family clients of the region. website: Facebook / Instagram @JamesAdamTaylor