Max Chesnut

ID : 173383
Seattle, Wa
Well to start off my first name really isn't Max, It's Theodore Maximillion Chesnut, but that's a bit too formal for my liking. I'm a travel/lifestyle photographer & YouTuber, with a free spirit, a wardrobe full of colour & a mind always on the lookout for the next adventure. From the steep hills of San Fransisco to the secret cafe's in the middle of Paris, exploring the world is what I love to do more than anything besides photography. As for the elephant, they have been my favourite animals since I was a little kid & they are also my spirit animal. Besides all of that, I truly believe that elephants are the perfect embodiment of what this blog strives to be. With elephants, they are a community first helping out everyone in their heart to learn, survive, & grow, but on top of all that they have the biggest metaphorical heart as well as spiritual. So please come and be a part of the community & explore the world with us by subscribing to the not only the blog & YouTube but the Instagram as well @EXPLOREWITHMAX so you don't miss out. -Cheers