Lenka Vodicka

ID : 244573
Nevada City, CA
Lenka Vodicka is a professional photographer, author, and teacher specializing in portraits, travel, and creative storytelling. Her images highlight magical moments in everyday life alongside blending the magical and the mundane, such as mermaids and cosplays. Her work is prized for documentary moment-let events like weddings as well as appreciated by fans worldwide for her fantastical imagery. Lenka has dedicated the past few years to her passions for family adventures and photography. She has challenged herself to document diverse locations with attention to beautiful images, capturing movement, and evoking emotional connections. Throughout her travels, she discovers simple joy and appreciation for the little things in life (which actually become the biggest things). Lenka is involved with technology alongside her artistic projects. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social platforms. She shares adventures on her popular blog. She is constantly developing new ways to share stories, including cinemagraphs and gifs. Technology, art, and storytelling have a unique chance to reach audiences worldwide. Lenka continues to write and publish as a teacher and author. She is the author of a popular crafting book for children of all ages, Forest Fairy Crafts, with C&T Publishing. Her ability to combine teaching and writing allows her to communicate effectively in print media. She is currently working on a follow-up to the successful first publication. Paying attention to changing trends in photography, social media, and marketing, allows Lenka to be nimble and quick to create content. She works with travel destinations and companies to imagine and realize content that engages audiences and builds community. She looks forward to working with you or your company to create content with short term impact and long term artistic value.