Lorena Fernández-Fernández [ByLorena]

Meet Contributor
ID : 141485
San Francisco & Petaluma, CA
Inspired by space, color, light, people, and their personal styles. ByLorena was founded when Lorena was an architect specializing in interiors and the personalities that inhabit them, but it was through photography, Lorena found a way to show the beauty and narrative behind each person and an obsession for documenting contemporaneous moments for future generations. As a lifestyle photographer, Lorena is focused on finding the most compelling aspects of her subjects while keeping their authenticity, from concept creation to the final product. Her creative detail-oriented work allows her to harmonize people and their environment. Most of her models, spaces, and locations are genuinely making a connection with real life... a quest anyone can become identified with. Lorena was born in Venezuela, spent many summers at her grandparents' home in Spain, and is currently based in the beautiful North Bay Area. You will always find her with a camera on hand to capture the moments she is experiencing. Her greatest inspiration is her son! While marveling at his journey of growth and learning. While Lorena is new to stock photography, she has captured many unique weddings, helped many with their own personal branding, celebrated countless families, and has been the exclusive lifestyle photographer for new brands and product launches of renowned companies around the Bay Area.