Carly O'Neil / Carly Rocks Photography

ID : 107941
Brooklyn, NY
So- Who is this Carly-Girl? That’s a rather long story, that began in the ballet and threatre worlds, and morphed into the visual arts- which was rather sudden, thanks to the advent of digital photography and internet-based freelance careers. In or around 2004, Carly was one of about 15 women who had spent their lives dedicated to the arts, and knew there had to be a better way to earn a buck and survive as an artist, in a world much more content to focus on celebrities and politics. During her time touring Internationally as a freelance filly, she was beginning her time behind the lens, apprenticing as well as overseeing the production managment of Joao Carlos- then Milkman Studios; during her time with Joao, he was awarded the Hassleblad Masters title in 2009. Over a decade later, she is still cranking out the art as a Fine Art Figure, Portrait, Boudoir and Commercial model. In 2012-13, Carly was contracted by Paulo Francesco, owner/operator of Cattail Studios- a short lived due to the owner’s family needs but well received and successful Domestic-Location studio located right on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay on a few acres of forested land and also the Washington DC-based Carriage House Studios. When that contract ended, Carly teamed up with two Baltimore-area photographers, and created Atomic Canary: Baltimore. It was an immense opportunity to stretch and realize the full potential of the experience she had in the Arts. She fell completely in love with teaching, art directing, and the personalized one-on-one sessions and in a couple years- hundreds of thousands of photos were captured. This also allowed for a full focus on her photography growth, but also allowed for the first time ever to marry the bulk of her artistic endeavors, from modeling to makeup artistry to set building and concept-building. Most recently, Carly has relocated to Brooklyn, which was home from 2006-2011, before a quick respite in Southern California focusing on building her commercial-lifestyle photography brand, Carly Rocks Photography- which continues the trend to pioneer new ideas and shoots to the beat of her own heart, most inspired by introducing the concept of Couple’s Boudoir/Portraiture as well as Boudoir Cinema, after falling madly in love with filmmaking sometime around 2013. Reinvigorated as a model by her Baltimore experiences, Carly loves to host shoots at her apartment in Brooklyn! And has a zillion and one ideas, a full closet of studio gear, as well as great natural light, constant lights available, and a lovely garden. The other motivation to return to NYC was to move all that studio-earned-know-how and consult with the local studios to enrich the experience for both the photographers and models, to continue teaching- being able to reach a much wider audience, and lastly- focus on a few books that have been waiting patiently for their turn, and will range from entirely-photo-books in a variety of sizes as well as digital formats, but also combine her poetry and photography in a series of photo-narratives, and lastly a continuation/compliment to teaching and creative thinking. At this point Art really is a vocation, rather than a career; like a nun married to Jesus, Carly is married to the moment when art is catalyzed, joining two (or more) people in both timestream as well as expressions of our combined realities, captured in fairytales, and frozen emotions.