Dynamite Studio inc

ID : 260186
Orlando, FL
Dynamite Studio consists of two prodigiously talented commercial photographers that take kick-ass documentary images and video based around a companies story. Kellie Warren & Lindsay Widdall work with companies that are passionate about what they do, and have a story to tell. “We are motivated to create something exciting and will solve a companies needs in visual form with photography and videography services. We tell the story that you are looking for... at an affordable price, whilst still maintaining high quality. Delivering the final product gives our clients even more confidence in their company. We want to make them proud of their own achievements, and in turn that makes us happy. That's whats life is all about. What makes us different? Our personalities. We are fun to be around. WE ARE REAL PEOPLE! Our clients care because of how much WE care. We love what we do. We believe that every day should be the best day ever. We spend most of our lives working, so we go above and beyond to make our work day, and our clients work day, just as much fun as the weekend.” They believe the best images come from keeping things simple, and natural. One thing that sets them apart from many other commercial photographers in the Orlando area is the efficiency with which they work (it must be the mind reading skills). They're also experienced in many types of both photography and videography, from lifestyle and event, to portraits to products. Their aim is to get as many high quality photographs and video footage as they can and make sure the clients are not only happy with the results, but enjoy the process of creating them. Kellie has been a photographer, videographer and graphic designer for 10 years and was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She has had a passion for photography since she was knee-high to a grasshopper (which she still is). Lindsay has also been doing photography and videography for over 10 years also. She was born in the UK, before bouncing around the world and landing in Orlando, Florida. They both love dogs, bike riding, rollercoasters, and anything else that can slap a grin on your face.