David Ortega

ID : 770780
Almería (España)
Man by nature has the need to create and express everything that is within him, let go of that mooring and achieve inner freedom. Luckily or unluckily, I live in a town where everything happens normally, without major din. Every year the same things happen, the same festivities, the same neighbors, the same work journey ... nothing ever happens beyond the ordinary. And to a large extent, I'm glad. I am glad to live in a simple, humble, calm, normal state. Where happiness and a simple life go hand in hand. Where precisely the extraordinary is in the everyday. In this life that I have had to live, and speed is a tsunami that sweeps, it does not stop and the end is further and further away ... and at the same time it is closer. Precisely for this reason, there is something inside me that makes me stop and reflect, evaluating and photographing any moment, monotonous as it may be.