Juan Carlos Marcos

I started photography at the age of 16, thanks to the gift of my first camera. My beginnings were completely self-taught. Later, over the years, I studied at Blasco 19 Photography, by the hand of Nacho Rubiera. The training at that time was with analog photography, including laboratory techniques, negative development and image printing. He combined artistic photography with that of landscapes and travel. In those years I collaborated with Tourism Agencies, Boards and magazines. Once the digital era started, it took me a long time to get started in it, analog has always been my great passion and even from time to time I feel a certain nostalgia, but there was no other choice but to enter the digital era. From that moment on, new challenges began, not only in photography, but also in digital education. All this process I was acquiring in a self-taught way in most cases Currently I am interested in artistic photography, without neglecting the most commercial photography for Stock agencies. Although I don't usually pigeonhole myself in a unique style, I like to vary and experiment with new ideas.