Prathamesh Dixit

Hi there, I am a Travel Photographer from India, based in beautiful holy city - Nashik. Me and my camera are always in search for serene landscapes, magical cityscapes, story-driven culture & characters around us. Being creative soul from the beginning, little bits and pieces of arts always fascinated me - be it in the form of theater or street art.Thus by natural inspiration and with the desire to achieve and create something of my own, my serious photographic expedition started almost 5 years back in 2013. My efforts in Kumbhmela 2015 was major turning point where I have realized my true potential & zeal for the art. With my first camera - canon 600d, I have got some great images in deadliest light conditions with real hard efforts. I think, by then, roots within me were getting deeper and deeper for this beautiful art. Along the journey, I have exhibited my fine art prints with best in the industry at several cities in India such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune & Nashik. Some of my fine art limited edition collections are on sale now in prestigious gallery Saatchi Arts - USA. I have also been fortunate enough to get acknowledged on several International platforms such as International Color Awards, International Photography Awards and Black and White Spider Awards - which are definitely milestone moments. Happy to mention that success stories of these acclamation have been featured in renowned editorials such as Times of India, Deccan Herald, The Hindu along with city based multilingual newspapers. I am really happy to consider myself as visual artist and find it rewarding to be a story teller with my own vision to create a final piece of art. One the freedom factor of this art form is - its very Subjective. And thus I enjoy the process of learning every single day from inspirations all around the globe to craft my vision. I do have a little dream to pursue though & while fulfilling it, I am always looking out for new opportunities, places & cultures to explore. So If you ever want to reach me for assignments, fine art prints, upcoming events or even just to say words about my work - Drop me quick note via website I always do my best to revert them all ! Cheers, Prathamesh