Juan Pablo Correa Bercetche

Buenos aires, argentina
He was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for more than 10 years he lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied photography at the motivarte school, art history of the twentieth century in the museum of fine arts of Buenos Aires, advertising creativity and art direction at Brother School of Creatives, product photography at FOP - Association of advertising photographers -, editorial photography with Susana Mutti, fashion photography with Gonzalo Engel, set design and costumes at the Argentine Film Union. It is part of the PAC program - Contemporary Artistic Practices - of the Gachi Prieto Gallery. He has participated in collective exhibitions and his work has been selected in national and international photography awards. He has his studio at PANAL 361 where he makes the creative direction of Audiovisual and Photography design, Mind, and also develops his personal projects.