Celia Santos

New York, NY
My journey to being a Photographer began the moment I could hold a crayon. Ever since the age of 3, I have been drawing, coloring and an appreciator of negative space. In school, I took every art elective available and attended the School of Visual Arts for Illustration. Hardships changed my creative path as I ended up leaving school and moving to Santa Fe, NM. It was here, during a creative block, that I bought my first camera. That was well over 10 years ago and I haven't stopped taking photos since. Photography has led to some of the most memorable connections I've had with nature, people, and places. My foundation in drawing, color theory and illustration lend a different approach to how I work with my cameras. To view more of my mixed media based photos, visit Please don't hesitate to reach out about collaborations at Currently based in New York, NY (Home sweet home)