Fran Rosado Aguilar

Conil (Cádiz)
I was born in Cádiz (Spain) 37 summers ago and I live in Conil wonderful town of the same city where I plan to continue many more years. I started in the world of photography about the year 2000, he always called me attention the magic of being able to freeze moments but It was from that year when I started thinking and become a photographer and here I still keep that purpose, I will never think that you can not Learn more I am a lover of outdoor sessions and of the almost infinite possibilities in terms of results with the Flash light help in addition to the use of natural light. I have been using remote control systems for years flashes of different brands, today I work with PROFOTOS equipment which completely satisfy my creativity and technical needs. The social reports such as weddings, all types of events can seem stressful but every time can be enjoying more the more experience we are having at the time of resorving situations and to be able to concentrate on what we really want to transmit. The infinite possibilities and the one that is a field so big the world of photography is what keeps me today with the same enthusiasm of that afternoon of 2000.