Randall Scott

ID : 689221
Randall Scott bought his first camera at the age of 14. That trusted Pentax K1000 was lugged everywhere throughout his high school years and then into college where he studied journalism, communications and studio art. Having assisted his way through high fashion, editorial celebrity portraits, corporate portraiture and even yacht interiors, Scott ended up pulling a stint as an art director/picture editor in Kyiv, Ukraine for a news service and then in Seattle for a sports magazine...sometimes you just need to change it all up. Scott has been lucky to have traveled the world photographing editorial portraits for magazines and corporate clients specifically in the technology and business sectors. He feels fortunate and grateful for every assignment he has ever been given (except the one where he had to photograph a stinky dog lady). When he is not on assignment, Scott spends his time caving to the wishes of his 17 year-old daughter and teaching his talkative cat to sit and fetch.