Christian Heeb

Bend,Oregon, USA
International Artist and Photographer Works for international magazines,book publishers and commercial clients. Christian Heeb is known worldwide for his stunning images of scenic landscapes, lush environments, African wildlife, as well as vibrant city scenes. He may be best known for his images of Native American People and the lands from which they call home. He has published over 200 coffee table books, countless calendars and numerous magazine articles. Born and raised in Switzerland, Christian has spent the last 30 years traveling the globe visiting over 5 continents and 70 different countries. His images, rich in color with a dramatic perspective, capture the flavor and splendor of each unique location. Together they lead local and international photo workshops and tours. The main focus of my work was always America. Growing up in Switzerland I envisioned myself living in the open landscapes of the American West meeting up with Native Americans, cowboys and misfits under the big sky. Trained as an architect, I found photography to be an escape from the confines of the rich and smug Swiss affluence. My career took off through my images of Native American portraits and American Landscapes. What followed was years traveling and shooting in over 70 countries for clients worldwide, while staying focused on the United States. My big influences in art were painters like Fritz Scholder, T.C. Cannon, Edward Hopper and Paul Gauguin and the early chronists of Indian life Karl Bodmer and George Catlin. I am also fascinated by image makers like Eberhard Grames, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Pete Turner, Cheyco Leidman, Robert Frank to just name a few. My interest and enjoyment of a diverse cross section of American music has also inspired my images as I traveled this country. Artists from Louis Armstrong to Bruce Springsteen, Muddy Waters to Wilco always made me want to take pictures. After shooting for more than 200 books, travel guides and countless calendars and magazines, I have the freedom to transform my feelings and views on America into photos. My American Dreamscapes and Nightscapes are the latest manifestation of my America obsession