Rafael Saes

ID : 285465
Maringá, Paraná, Brazil
I like to come and go. I enjoy knowing new places and cultures. Definitely staying in the comfort zone is not one of my strengths. After getting in touch with the work of the painter Edward Hopper, I’ve learned how to actually “see the light”. This guy has changed my life! My biggest passion is the Documentary Photography. I enjoy going to places where everyone thinks there are only bad things happening and search for “smiles” there. Back in 2015, I began a documentary work in Nepal just after the earthquakes that have devastated the country. Since then, the way i see myself and the world changed completely. In the following year I’ve met their largest African slum – the Kibera - and from there I went to the Omo Valley Tribes, in Ethiopia. When I travel, I travel to photograph, to stay on the streets just observing, looking for the everyday scenes and so on. And all of these factors combined form my essence and my way in dealing with people.