Jelena Matić

ID : 241320
Belgrade (Serbia)
The favorite themes of Jelena Matić's photography are landscape, architecture and abstraction. She finished University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy, department Art History and post graduated studies University of Arts, department Theory of Arts and Media. From 2001. she works with history and theory of photography and modern and contemporary art as a writer, curator, theorist, photographer and casual lecturer. For the 12 years she worked as a contributor in one of the most important photography magazine in Serbia and former Yugoslavia - ReFoto. She was the author of articles and essays mainly about history and theory of photography. Also she is the author texts for the catalogs of solo and group photography and art exhibitions national and international artists. During 2015. she was artistic director one of the main photography gallery in a Belgrade and Serbia - Gallery Artget Belgrade Cultural Center. She started to use photography at the same time when she started to research photography as an art historian.