Leonard Regazzo

Meet Contributor
I’m an eclectic life-explorer, high-tech addict, free-climber and a professional photographer since 2004. I believe that at the source of creativity lies diversity that is why I decided to study photography with a master in communication design. I believe in a fundamental aspect "confrontation” this take place thanks to this formula, 3 = 1+1 (the "two heads are better than one" theory a.k.a."the whole is greater than the sums of its parts") so then the motivation will be bigger. More over, at the source of creativity lies diversity as a communication designer, I've always achieved new ways to reinterpret myself and to get out of my comfort zone. My expertise is vast and extensive, achieved during many years of collaboration with designers all around Europe, with whom I still share a good relationship. Extremely goal focused and ambitious to succeed in any activity I undertake both professionally and in my personal life. Regarded as a very likeable person who leads by example and able to motivate those around me through my actions. I am very interested in sharing my point of view which is not fixed to one single work reality, my first mission is to expand my horizon and perhaps even yours.