Client Request

Hey Everyone, we are hearing from many clients that they are getting a head start on their holiday imagery needs.
This includes everything from traditional ‘Home for the Holidays’ themes surrounding Christmas but also includes
a renewed interest in harder to find holiday subjects such as Kwanza and Chanukah- both of which have very little representation in stock.
For Kwanza the main requests center around modern and traditional dress during candle lighting(The Kinara) in the home.  
Similarly, for Chanukah, Candle lighting(The Menorah) is also requested.
Additional needs revolve around any holiday meal- including preparation, consumption and the aftermath. Still lifes welcome.
Of course it’s likely not snowing where you are, but if you are sitting on any imagery from last year now is the time to get them in!
Producing some simple setups with willing friends or family could generate serious returns so start brainstorming!
For inspiration:
Our Holidays pinterest board  for some basic direction.
This great Apple Commercial  from a few years ago still holds up!