Featured Shoot

California Dreaming with Joel Bear

1. Pre-Production: 2 days
2. Shoot time: 5 hours
3. Casting: 2 models
4. Crew: 2
5: Shot on: Sony A7 on Minolta 55mm 1.7
6: Selects: 16

We spent over a day conceptualizing the piece, putting together a moodboard with lighting directions, mood, textures, style guide and set up. Our direction for this set of images was to tell a two stage story lifestyle in the moment and high production environmental. This was a five hour shoot set in two separate locations. It was a small crew, Maggie, our project manager, our two models and myself as director and photographer. We’ve found that a small, light crew allows for realistic expression and in the moment flexibility from our models. We used natural lighting as our ambient and spot lighted with a video light. I’ve been liking this technique lately, it allows for strong drama and deep mood.